Your whole School phonemic approach to spelling

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About Us

The whole school phonemic approach to English

The Phonemic Approach – Your Gateway to English

The Phonemic approach to teaching reading, writing and speaking is endorsed by world renowned pedagogical academics. Inspiring logical and lateral higher-order thinking, Sound Waves provides the scaffolding students thrive on, leading to a genuine understanding of the mechanics of the English language.

Sound Waves students learn phonemic strategies to decode and encode the written world – the alphabetic code becomes clear when children can manipulate phonemes. Acquiring the ability to segment words into phonemes allows students to explore written language confidently. Students readily experience success in reading, writing and speaking when they are able to identify the link between spoken and written language.



What is the sound waves

The Sound Waves approach uses a sound-to-letter strategy, which acknowledges that sounds can be represented in more than one way. The Sound Waves approach focuses first on the basic units of sound in English – phonemes. It then explores the letters that represent these sounds and how they can be put together to form the words in English.

The phonemic approach to learning English is effective because it replaces rote learning with strategies for reading and writing, using explicit teaching and play-based learning activities. Sound Waves is a dynamic program consolidating phonemic awareness orally, aurally and kinaesthetically.

Phoneme: A phneme is the smallest unit of sound in a word.

Grapheme: A grapheme is the letter or letter combination used to represent a phoneme in written form.

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